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fun fact my wife was an extra on a porn video one time, found it out in college
her and her friends did it, was some college party theme video kinda like dancing bear but minus the dancing bear
she was kinda timid and nerdy looking so her part was to discourage the girl from doing it while her other friends were supposed to encourage the girl
she told me they all got paid like 0 or something to just stand there and say shit and drink the free booze they had on set
the most notable thing about it, she told me, was that the director and some cameramen were hitting on them really hard and like slapping or squeezing their ass and shit and they'd be like "hey, dont do that" and the dir would say "this is what we're paying you for, leave if you want but don't expect a check".

And i guess the female model doing the shit was trying to convince them to join in the whole time during breaks and shit, and other crew tried to get them to fluff and shit. Anything to save a buck i guess.


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That feeling gif
That feeling gif

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